It has been cloudy and very cold since ten days ago or so,
but it is very fine, or sunny today.

So I have felt well since this morning.

I washed a lot of clothes or many pairs of socks this morning.
In the afternoon, I hung them out to dry in the sun.

After my washing them, I always felt good, too.
And what is more, I found that UME- Japanes apricot?- trees
were putting out their buds.

I like sunlight or warmth.

I hope that it is getting warmer
and the real spring will appear soon.  

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Severe Winter & Freeze

It was very cold and we had heavy snow, here in Fukuka,
over the last three days.The depth of snow was
about between five and fifteen (?) centimeters

The public road froze up all day long on January 24th.

I was surprised at that situation.

Because the road froze up, cars hardly ran on the frozen road.

I have never experienced such a situation for forty or fifty years.

The road melt away and it didn't snow two days ago,
but it has still been cloudy since then.

I hope it will be sunny in a few days.

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It's エイゴ TIME

11月21日: 12:00~14:30、Thanksgiving BBQ Party に参加する
ために天神中央公園 (天神1-1) へ行ってきました。





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Summer really came in the northern Kyusyu
four days ago, that is, on July 30th.

The rainy season was over on July 29th
as I described four days ago.

It's very fine, hot, and muggy today.
There is much moisture in the summer of Japan.

I don't like much moisture, to be concreat, it's hot and humid.

By the way, the summer festival here at Notame 5 choume
( in south ward, Fukuoka city) was held the day before yesterday
ー on August 1st.

I went to watch and lisen to that around 7:30 pm.

I supposed there were about between 400 people and 500 there
and I was surprised to find there were around between 50 bicycles and 60
at the site.

There were about from four events to five.

“ Notame Music Party ”was a brass band, the greatest in the festival.
and a main event every year.

The member of that is about forty five (?)

I enjoyed their performances.

The number of their performances were five, for exampl,
RPD, pink ladies' melodies, let' swing, Anpan Man's march,‥‥and so on.

I am also looking forward to listening to their concert
of “Notame Music Party” next year.   

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Fukuoka Meteorological Observatory released
that the rainy season in northern Kyusyu came to an end
on July 29th, namely, yesterday.

It was nine days later than last year
and ten days later than usual.

It is the fifth late since in 1951 that the rainy season here ended.
The statistics was begun in 1951.

It has been very hot, especially, hot and humid in Fukuoka
since yesterday, so I drank a lot of water for two days.

I am afraid it will be hotter and hotter from now on,
We should have much water every day.

Take good care of yourselves.


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The day before yesterday, I thought the rainy season
here in Fukuoka had already ended, but according to TV news,
the rainy season in Fukuoka Prefecture didn't finish yet.

I was a little bit surprised to hear that.
I don't like hot and humid.

August will come in about five days.

About ten days ago, I heard that in south of Kyusyu
and Kanto areas came to an end.

The term of that in north of Kyusyu is very long this year.

I wish the rainy season were over.
I hope real summer wll come soon.   

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I had been in a hospital for three days,
between on December 16th and 18th.

It was the hospital of Fukuoka University.

I was operated on for removing two or three polyps
from the large intestine.

I heard my polyps were not bad nature.
The length was about 7 mm and 5mm, and so on.
During the operation, I could see my large intestine by myself.

I suppose the hour of the operation is short, maybe within an hour.

After the operation, my living condition is good.
So far, so good.

Thank you very much for my doctors and nurses,  

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Unfortunately it has been raining a little for two days.

Halloween is on October 31 and an annual event.

I bought much confectionery the day before yesterday,
for example, several pieces of candy,sweets,and pastry.

I was waiting for children for two days,
in other words, I was looking forward to their visiting my house.

Unfortunately Halloween seems to have been cancelled
here in this district because of rain.

I am sorry not to have given children sweets, candies, and cakes.
In stead of Halloween's children,
I will give students in my private classes them.   

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Cool Summer

This summer was not hot but cool,
and we had much rain like a rainy season.

This phenomenon is unusual and exceptional.

Summer was always hot every year, still more
it was especially very hot in recent years.

As it was usually raining or cloudy every day,
I couldn`t wash clothes because of drying them in the sun.

it is raining a little, even now.

What in the world has been happening in Japan ?.

I hope it will be sunny soon.   

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文部科学省の発表は2020年からではなく、2018年( or 2019年?)から









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Summer (夏)3

In summer,
whenever I cut down some small trees, shrubs, or grasses, in a grove and a field.
A lot of mosquitoes gave me a great deal of trouble.

I was often bitten by them.
They bit my fingers, hands, arms, feet, and so on.

I had itchiness on my hands, arms, feet, or so.
I felt itchy too much.
I couldn't endure its itchiness.

I suffered from them. I hate them.

In order to avoid them, I burned the mosquito-repellent (incense)<蚊取り線香>.

By the way, I always made preparations for two mosquito-repellents
in my house at night.

It has been hot and humid for about twenty days.
I am afraid of being muggy and mosquitoes.

Thanks to the mosquito-repellent
and the airconditioner, however, I can sleep well at night in summer.


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Summer (夏) 2

The temperature in Fukuoka City rose to about 35℃ today.
A broadcasting station says that there are a couple of cities in Japan
where it is more than 37℃

They say that today in the year is one of the hottest days in Japan.
We should take care of heat sickness, avoid going out for a long time
in the daytime, and drink a lot of water.

In summer, when I was young, especially the latter in elementary school days
or junior high school days, I used to go to swim in a river, pond, or pool
almost every day during summer vacation and I could only go to the sea
once or twice on the average for a summer.

I could swim the crawl, the breast stroke, and the backstroke.
I sometimes swam about 1,000 meters or so.

Unfortunately I have not swum in the sea, however, these ten years or so.

I am not going to swim in the sea, but I will go there this summer.

I like both sea and mountain very much.  

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Summer (夏)

Summer has already come.

It is cloudy today, but it was sunny and clear two days ago.
Cicadas are singing loudly out of doors.

It has been hot and humid since the rainy season finished.
I am disgusted at mugginess.

The temperature rose to around 34.5℃, here in Fukuoka, a few days ago.
I am afraid of the intense heat because of its sometimes making
persons sick. we need to drink a lot of water in summer.

I don't like heat, but I like the summer better than
the rainy season, of course.

The term of the rainy season was very short this year.
There was little rain during the season.

Chinese citrons ( or mandarins 夏蜜柑) bore plenty of fruits in my field.
About ten ones are left, so I'm going to wrencn ones off the branches
and I will take them to a friend of mine from now on.
タグ :とぉ

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Blossoms of ume trees

It has been very cold for a few weeks, and Japanese apricot trees
have blossomed out and have kept blossoming
since the last middle ten days in January.

Ume trees mean Japanese apricot ( plum ) trees in English 

There are two ume trees in my garden. .
One is white color, the other is light pink.

I think cherry blossoms are a little loud and gorgeous,
but blossoms of Japanese apricot trees are quiet and plain.

My late mother loved many kinds of flowes,
of course, blossoms of cherry trees or those of Japanese plum trees

Those have been past at those best.

It is still cold today.

I often feel that time flies like an arrow.
Time is important.


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It has been getting warmer and warmer since several days ago.
So It seems to me that the real spring will come soon.
There are two ume trees ( That is, Japanese plum trees or apricot trees )
in my garden. The blossoms have already come out. one is white color,
the other is light pink.

I think cherry blossoms are loud and ume blossoms are quiet.

Though ume blossoms are not loud, they are quiet beautiful.

The late Mother loved both of them.

She liked all kinds of flowers very much.
She sometimes planted many kinds of flowers in her field by herself.
and I sometimes helped her.

Though it is a pity that it will be cold again.
The weather forecast says it will be cold again from tomorrow.


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My mother passed away in August this year.
She was about ninety eight and a third years old.

I lived with my parents for about thirty years.
My father was gone eighteen years ago.
His age was eighty eight.

Both of them were kind and warm.
Above all, she was very kind and calm.
I was so happy to have lived with them.

I have greatly appreciated what they did for me.
Thank you very much for them.

My mother hardly suffered from serious illnesses
during the latter half of her life, but she became
weaker and weaker for the last two years.

I gave her violent words about once per three months,
after that, I used to apologize to her for my strong bad words
almost every time.

I loudly blamed her for calling my name many times
about a week before her death, so I regret not having apologized
her for my strong words.

I have deeply apologized to her for it from the bottom of my heart.
“ I am sorry to have said the strong words to her ”

I pray her soul may rest in peace.  

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大寒 ( the coldest day )

Today is January 22, 2011.

The lowest temperature of today is 2℃,
and the highest is 9℃.

According to the calendar, the day before yesterday - January 20th - was
the coldest day in the year. We call it (大寒 in Japanese).

The day was really very cold, this year.

We are in the middle of winter, the coldest season in the year.
It has been terribly cold for a few days.
The temperature dropped to below the freezing point recently.

It has been very cold around this districts.
I have been freezing for a several days.
I felt this winter was especially cold.

The cold wave is hitting all over Japan.
Dark clouds were hanging over Mt.Sefuri yesterday.
Mt.Sefuri ( about 1050 meters above the sea ) has been covered with snow.

But It is fine today.
I can hang out clothes to dry in the sun.
I am a little bit happy.

It has been raining and a cloudy day since on the first day of January.
As I often do the washing, I have been at a loss because of raining.

It will have been cold till the end of Febrary.
Of course, I need heaters because I can't stand the cold.

I wish warm spring will visit us soon.


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留学 (Studying Abroad )

I heard from a Japanese lady in the United States
about a week ago. She has lived in the State of North Carolina
since four months ago.

She will be a student of the doctor's course as a trainee
in a university for a year. She says in the letter
“I have been getting accustomed to the life of this country,
but English isn't still so easy for me ”

I can understand her circumstances.

She was taking a correspondence course in English
at this Juku for about six months.

I have not written a letter to answer to her yet.
I'm going to write to her soon.

I hope she will study hard, be healthy,
and have good luck next year.  

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冬 ( winter )

It's December 6, today.
Winter has already come, and the cold weather has set in,
but we have a mild winter for the present.

Yesterday, I ordered the cards for the New Year's card in 2011
from a printing office.

In Japan, 師走 in Japanese means what teachers run around
here and there because they are very busy in December.

Time flies like an arrow,
So Christmas & the New year will come soo.


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頭痛 ( headache )

I had a slight headache yesterday.
I haven't completely got well, but I'm recovering today.

I have twice had a slight headache for about ten years.
whenever I got sick, I always thought that good health is happy
for a human being, especially for me.

When I am in good health, I don't usually feel happy.
But I should greatly appreciate what I am in good health.

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